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I think the Co-founder situation is finally under control

I have gotten two co-founders together sho seem to have a passion to own a business: a passion that almost matches that of my own.

I look forward to see what is to come from this.

Fresh Seams


We now have a Web Designer

I am excited to get started on this project. We finally have a designer up to the task to take it on. So it now time to get on the ball. I hope we have a good looking product at the end of everything.



Now STRUGGLING to create a DATABASE. Much harder than I thought. Thank you for YouTube and the smart people that are on there.


It’s Business Plan Development Time

I am so blessed that I have business savvy friends to help with proofread the super long business plan. But it is so important to have. It gives us an idea of where we are and where we will be heading. Sales forecasting is difficult but it is fun to think of how we will get this business up and running smoothly. I look forward to work with clients, users, and consumers to produce a great product.

Signing out

We are underway…..

The logo creation is now beginning. I am excited to use different tools to create a hip and innovative logo that will instantly draw users to the page. Hopefully (meaning I am confident) that it will turn out beautifully.



After the totally exhausting search. We have come up with the name….(drumroll please)….

Great, huh? Or maybe not your cup of tea?

I like it. I believe it will grow on me.

Thanks for the input from friends and family.


Running through POSSIBLE NAMES….

This is exhausting..I must admit.

I believe I have exhausted every avenue of coming up with unique game-changing name, but either it is taken as a domain name, doesn’t sound like it should be spelled, it just sounds terrible.

We have looked in dictionaries, thesauruses, maps, baby name books, and even looked at combining a bunch of random words… no

I will not give up. I enlisted the help of friends, but they are about as clueless as me. But hopefully we will have a name sometimes soon…