I think I want to start a business…..good idea?

So I believe I have discovered a niche that needs to be filled. I could be totally dilusional but I would like to begin an online auction website for a certain group of sellers that just doesn’t seem to be getting alot of love on the world wide web.

As I try to create this site, I will keep you guys updated on my progress. Hopefully you can provide me with constructive criticism. “Constructive” being the keyword here. lol

As the statistics of startups succeeding is substantially low, I hope through prayer and maybe some guidance from others can break the trend.

I would to hear your comments on if this is the right time and avenue to began a business. Of course you have no idea what exactly it is other than that it is an online auction site (unlike Ebay, or the other “scamlike” sites), but I would like to hear people’s comments on the issue

Talk to you soon.



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