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I think the more I think about things, the more I think about things…lol

I have so much on my plate right now, but I love it . I love being busy. It is fun sometimes to think about all the things that I must do to stay afloat. Like right now I should be working on a campaigner lesson, but instead I am posting on my blog.

I did get something done today. I did submit/request for funding to several angel investors. I look forward to hearing from then, if at all. There is a job interview tomorrow that I am not going to be attending. I figure why go to an interview for a job that does not align with what I want to do with the rest of my career. I love the thought of owning my own business even in times like these.

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Working Late at night is the BEST TIME.

Is it me or does it seem that working during the late night hours seems to be the best time to get things done? My work seems to flow seamlessly. No pun intended. Get it? Fresh Seams. Seams. Seamslessly. Lol

Another late night work does is make me a little delirious. I apologize. I am now going to sleep. Excited about the days to come.

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Discovering the difference between sole proprietor and LLC

I have to start thinking about registering the fashion designer business as a sole proprietor or LLC. I was leaning to sole proprietor, but I want to be taken seriously. After some research, I have decided to register as an LLC. I want to stray away from investors at the moment, but registering as an LLC keeps my personal assets safe and it allows me to tell others that Fresh Seams is here to stay.

Although more paperwork and money may be involve with a LLC, it speaks volume in regards to the longevity of the business. You can’t really replace that. Independent fashion designers will have a place to call home, Fresh Seams.

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Received first contributions

Fresh Seams has just received it’s first contributions for the further development of the site. We are looking for around $5000 to begin the working of the site.
We just received $10. Although small, it is definitely a start and I look forward for it to grow as people begin to tap into this idea.

Check out:

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Big things are coming. The site development is moving along swiftly.

My website developers are very patient with me and I am very appreciative. I just want the site to look as great as it can look when we launch. We are still aiming for an October launch, but as that moment draws closer, I am unsure. has also begun a Facebook Fan Page. I am anxious for people to like are page. Although I only have 12 fans, I look for many more to come. Also the launch page is up at

I have also been in talks with some designers who are willing to help me spread the word and post on the site.

Please go check it out and subscribe.

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I have finally become registered with search engines.. at least this blog is.

It is always exciting when a task is finally completed. I have just registered my blog with Yahoo, Google, and Bing. It wasn’t too hard, I should have done it sooner.

To see, by typing in “fresh seams,” my blog show up is very exhilarating. I can not wait to tackle and complete even more demanding task.

By the way, I love being in hotel rooms, away from it all. It’s great.