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What to do when your web designer goes on vacation….. Fresh Seams

I honestly have no idea what I am suppose to do as I need updates made to the website. I do not know what I am doing and my web programmer is on vacation. Of course, I am excited that they have decided to take a break from the demanding life of programming, but what should I do about the urgent needs of the website.

WAIT…until the programmer returns is a very available option and seems like the only option at the moment.
I could always solicit the help of another freelance programmer, but I figure by the time I fill them in on what is going on, my original programmer will return.
I will just wait and be patient. It’s definitely good for character growth. Anxious to help indie fashion designers do more with this social network and e-commerce experience.

Thank you for listening and reading


When your launch date is not really your LAUNCH DATE? |

With a proposed site launch set for September 14 and with it currently being the later part of October, looks like that is a major set back. It has been difficult to get a efficient product up and running in a decent amount of time. I look forward to making people happy without all of the headaches.

I have very patient Web designers willing to work with me and produce a quality product. Thank you guys for your diligent work and dedication to this product. I know at times, I can be very demanding and particular about the what is written on the site.

I hope to make the place to buy and sell shoes or clothing from independent clothing or fashion designers. It will be the place that will keep people from asking “where to sell items?”

Thank you for listening,
Fresh Seams

Fresh Seams: Where to Sell items

Coming Soon!. In just a couple of weeks, Fresh Seams will be launched. It will be great to the new shoes or clothing offered by independent fashion designers. The site will have to be loaded with many products before buyers will be able to see the missing fashion.

The site will constantly go through early updates to ensure the site is perfect for designers and they can call Fresh Seams, home.

Thank you

The new way to buy on line clothes –

YES!!! We finally have a twitter @freshseams It is exciting to be able to create a place to buy clothing on line so emerging designers can show their beautiful creations. I look forward to the coming weeks as the final touches are going to be placed on the site.

Now calling all independent fashion designers to showcase on the site. We would love to hear from you.


Buy Clothing Online

Buy Clothing Online Logo

So what is indie fashion or clothing?

I am often confused by what exactly indie means. Of course it is a shorten from of independent, but how in the world did someone form the 5-letter word from a 11-letter word?
I personally like the shorten form because it gives some type of underground, mysterious feeling. Fresh Seams aims to create a hub for all “indie” designers; a place where they can feel at home and comfortable to create. I also plan to allow selling on the site with no final value fee for the first 30 days, but this is just the current plans. I look to gain the trust of buyers and designers.

Fostering Passion

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Crafts or Clothing? That is the question. Fresh Seams has an answer.

Fashion clothes designers are looking for a way on how to sell shoes or clothing. We are in a day and age where independent clothing designers are looking for a way to sell their work without being crowded by so many different crafts and paintings. They want to reach the billion of buyers who buy clothing on line. They also want to take their clothing and to know how to sell on the internet. Fresh Seams creates an avenue to allow this to happen.

Opening later this year (October 2011).