Fresh Seams: What’s the deal…

I have notice that there are even more creative and fashion-forward designers than I at first realized. Which makes what Fresh Seams does all the more important. With a large unemployment, we hope to alleviate some of the burdens that are placed on designers as they try to support not only themselves, but their families as well.

Last night, I was a stranger’s house with other people that I knew. The host began to discuss her roommate. She explained that her roommate quit the job that she hated to spend all of her time doing what she loved to do, sew. Although she made home decor items, not a fit for Fresh Seams, but I was given hope that people are willing to take risk to do what they are passionate about. Hearing about this risk, allowed me to think about my own job. My dream is to operate Fresh Seams. That’s it. No other job on the side. I thought, if she could take that leap of faith, why couldn’t I.

I am more of step by step thinker. My goal is to remain safe and secure, but maybe my goal should be to remain passionate.

Something to think about.

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