How long should a free trial be for a new website? | Fresh Seams

I’ve seen several online websites offer 30-day free trials. I have also seen weekly free trials and up to 90 days. I believe the whole point is to create a trial only as long as you can create a need or a user can understand how much the actually product or service is worth.

But my one question is, how can I create a trial period when I have no proof that my service will deliver buyers to the designer. It is a brand new site and I hope that I gain valuable advice from those who intend to use it more. My friend suggest that I based it on the items sold, but I think I will bypass that idea.

I will continue to think about the process and hope for the best. I want to encourage designers that Fresh Seams is the way to go. It is the place where the voice of emerging designers can be heard. I also hope they will be patient with us as the site gains traffic.

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