When and where to advertise? | Fresh Seams

This is big question that I seem to be struggling with. Not only, where do I need to advertise Fresh Seams but when should I begin heavy marketing campaigns. I love the thought of make Fresh Seams the best place for indie designers to showcase their shoes or clothing. With advertising, I will need to create the feeling of never-before-seen fashion and allow it to hit the eyes of the viewer that forces them to click on that banner as soon as they glance at it.

There are many sites that cater to the idea of allow users to buy and sell ad space on their website. I look forward to being able to take advantage of the opportunity to generate revenue for the site, which will all the site to afford growth and developments and allow me to quit my day job and focus solely on growing the business. Helping independent clothing and fashion designers do more with their creations is what it is all about.

It is exciting and I can not wait for the opportunity to take part in the endeavor.  

Founder of Fresh Seams


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