Why motivation is NOT the key to success and HEARTACHE is? | Fresh Seams

So often do I learn something new. In recent weeks I have learned that in order to be successful in business, you must first be unsuccessful. No one creates a solution unless there is first a problem. And not many problems are solved unless there is at least a failure in deriving a solution.

This absolutely makes no sense to me. From the age of understanding I have been told that motivation and drive will always be followed by success. There should have be a heavy “BUT” inserted into that statement. Motivation really has nothing to do with being successful, but it has a lot to do with remaining successful. Heartache and pain can lead to one of two things: revamped focus or a downward spiral. I’ll take the high the road for 400 please.

I almost beckon the feeling of heartbreak as it leads to an otherwise hidden vulnerability, leading you to treat customers with respect, taking pride in what you put out for others to see. Heartache is like a catalyst to success and motivation maintains this success. You see the fruit of heartache and although you do not want to revisit the pain, in failures you secretly wish it was there.

These are just my thoughts.

Founder of Fresh Seams



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