Being away from Family during the holiday season….HIP HIP HOORAY


After graduating from college and relocating 21 hours away from my hometown in Arkansas to the northern life of New Jersey life became very different. Not only was I thrust into the fast paced atmosphere, that is the North, but relocating to a place where I knew not a single soul took a toll. Being away from home is difficult around this time of year, as I hear of friends spending time with their family and enjoying each other’s company.

This Christmas, I will be unable to go home due to the high price of plane tickets, but I plan to spend time with the few friends that I have met here. It is great that I have options. I have had several friends invite me to their homes to enjoy a meal, which I think is wonderful. It will be hard to sit at a table with people you have never seen before as they reminisce on the past years. But I am thankful that I have the opportunity to enjoy a good meal with the family of friends that I enjoy to be around.

Now the question is: Which invitation will I accept?  hmmm




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