Best Business Decision EVER: Give it away for FREE!

So I have decided that in order to grow the business, I have to give a little. And when I say “a little,” I mean a lot. Fresh Seams is now going to operate as an absolutely free marketplace. Emerging independent designers will be able to sell their shoes or clothing for absolutely free. Some prominent business enthusiasts may call me crazy or insane, and they might be correct. I feel that in order to gain credibility, I must be able to give.

The main reason I decided to create Fresh Seams is to offer a much needed assistance to struggling designers. Hopefully, allowing designers to list and sell their clothing for free allows Fresh Seams to better help them make a decent living for themselves. I am exciting for the upcoming year as we aim to grow and prosper. 

I believe growing to business based on your own vision is necessary for any startup founder. Many founders get caught up in trying to look pleasing for Venture Capitalists, but first you must look good for yourself. But for all of the Venture Capitalist, there will be a revenue generating portion within the coming months. Designers will be able to choose from premium or basic packages. Basic being Free with limitations on the amount of items posted and the amount of pictures that can be uploaded on a listing. Premium will eliminated these limitations and allow sellers to have free reign on many aspects of the site. Also, Fresh Seams will be able to gain revenue also on the custom designer portion of the site.

There you have. The new and continuing improving Fresh Seams.




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