My programmer is TERRIBLE, and I LOVE it.

I am not the type to purposely bash people. But as a business entrepreneur lacking in web developing skills, I often times become frustrated with freelance programmers.

I appreciate some as they are invaluable pieces to the development of Fresh Seams, but often times I become extremely impatient with programmers who inadvertently waste precious time. I appreciate the excitement and determination, but as a message to all freelance programmers.

If you are NOT experience in the project, please DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT take on the project.

I have a few projects that I would like completed, but the programmers I have hired (showing great reviews) have yet to complete much of anything. “It’s really difficult,” “I can’t seem the integrate to the original site,” and “The programming is going to take more time than I first thought” are some of the excuses that I receive. Most of these excuses come after several weeks past due. Many programmers go vacant and refuse to respond to my messages.

But maybe it’s me. Maybe I could do a better job of relaying what I would like built. (I thought I was doing that) You would think pretty designed word documents, equipped with beautiful real time screenshots and details would be enough. But it just stimulates more questions, as if they never received the document. Maybe I should do a better job of catering to the needs of the programmer. Or maybe they should do a better job of catering to me?

So Shawn, how can you love this chaos? Because, if I am having this issues then many more people are, too. Seeing that find freelance programmers are similar to finding freelance fashion designers, I can use this terrible experience to create the best CUSTOM CLOTHING DESIGN PLATFORM.

Coming soon (we hope)

We are looking for programmers to join our team.

“Through error, innovation exists.” -Shawn Oates


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