Let’s Be Honest….Lying Sucks


Running a startup and attempting to develop a team simultaneously is like jumping out of a plane and attaching your parachute mid air and then screaming for HELP. 

I hate to tell you, but absolutely no one is listening. If there was someone available, there is no help around. The team attempting to create a sustainable startup is key. They must be smart, fun, engaged, and persistent. When this team is not present, what does one do? Solo founders are least likely to succeed as they become overwhelm with the daily activities of running a business and less focused on innovative and handling users.

Yes, of course, you can of course outsource many of the responsibilities you are inadequate to take on alone, but that can create huge risk. You are leaving important aspects of your business in the hands of people who could care less if you succeed or fail. Once they receive payment for work done, they simply wiped their hands clean of all attachment to your business. Speaking of payments: money money money. Stuff that almost all startups are short of. Paying talented outside individuals can run your pockets to empty faster than you can the word “broke.” 

Some startup enthusiast admit you can indeed run a startup alone, and I believe you can. I do, but running a startup and succeeding in one are two totally different things. You at least need people around you who know the ins and outs of your business allowing you to bounce ideas back and forth. I feel as if so people easily throw the word, “We” around. “We are disrupting the email inbox.” “We have developed the next….” when essentially your business is being held together by just you and someone named Roscoe, or your dog.

Let’s get back to being honest. If it’s just you, then…IT’S JUST YOU. Tell everyone you know, and maybe…just maybe…the right partner will come along…and become the right fight for you and your company. It’s what I do (for now) and I am proud of it.


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