YES!!! Someone besides US and our USERS believes in Fresh Seams

Monday evening I received an unknown phone call. The person on the other end was the president of a local business incubator. After a few cordial comments, I had learned that we were accepted into the competitive program. This is coming after several (hundreds would be more accurate) applications were filled for accelerators and incubators across the globe.


Have we made it BIG? I’d quickly deny these claims as there is A LOT of hard work left to be completed, but having your business and team validated by angel investors and other prominent business individuals sure does bring a smile to my face. Judging by the above diagram, our chances of success greatly increase. Out of the many “No’s” we have heard, we have finally heard a “Yes.” All you need is one and you are swept off your feet by the “prince” who will introduce you to people and things that will excel your business.

So watch our business grow as we take what we learn and put it into our business and GROW GROW GROW. The program begins on August 6 and will end with a Demo Day on November 1.

Accepted into TechLaunch’s LaunchPad at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey


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