Need to build a team? Inspire…

The ability to inspire those you come in contact with and those around you is an overlooked quality that all entrepreneurs should embrace. Looking for a technical web developer to join your team? Or how about a business developer with domain experience? Or both?

If you answer is yes to these questions, I’d strongly suggest that you get to recruiting. As an founder, you need not take breaks from recruiting. I believe you should always be in contact with your next executive, your next developer, or even your next customer service specialist. Recruiting for a startup is hard as it is (although getting easier as now all of the sudden working for a startup seems cool and hip) so taking a break from it will only put you further behind.

Let’s face it your company will not grow unless you have smart individuals behind it pushing it. So get off away from the computer and go network. You should always be in hiring mode whether you are actually hiring or not. When smart individuals that fit your business culture deny your requests to join your startup, DON’T GIVE IN. Keep recruiting and continuing to propel your business, because they will watching. The right time might arise to hire them and at that point, they might just say that word we have come to love, YES.


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