The Business, formerly known as…

Transitions, you hate them or embrace them. We are engaging in the latter.

As we embark on a new C-corp registration (suitable for outside investments), we have decided to change our company’s name in light of the changes. We are knitting a fresh seam (pun intended), under a new name, SeamBLiSS. We wanted a name that is, first, available, easy to spell, and meshed well with our business intentions. SEAM: referring to apparel or jewelry; BLISS: perfect happiness or  great joy. Bring it all together and its SeamBLiSS. SeamBLiSS offers a SEAMLESS experience full of HAPPINESS for the emerging designer, SEAMSTRESS, and consumers alike. Like it?

We will also be introducing a new site design. In a few days, we hope to engage our users and visitors with an eye-popping design that never escapes your thoughts.

This is not all. You will also noticed another change as you journey along with us. I can not announced this so-called “change” just yet, but it is definitely one that comes with great innovation, problem-solving, and just plain awesomeness. So I assume it is safe to say that things are changing around the “house.”  Out with the old and in with the new as we prepare for disruption in such a powerful way.

Stay tuned and stay amazed!!


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