The Co-founder that was TERRIBLE at EVERYTHING…

I am terrible at many many things. I can’t really dance. I can’t read while in a moving vehicle. I am awful at riding a bike in the street. Also I just discover (with the help of a friend) that I can not rotate my left foot clockwise while rotating my finger counterclockwise.

If I am honest with myself, I am terrible at several things in life, and it is times like these when I call in backup, a WICKEDLY AWESOME co-founder. I’d like to introduce you to Kristen Pagan (pronounced Pah-Gone).


Kristen Pagán joins SeamBLiSS with experience in both fashion and marketing. Kristen’s unique mix of business and marketing experience allows her to think about fashion from all perspectives. Prior to joining SeamBLiSS, Kristen worked as a Marketing Analyst at trend forecasting firm Stylesight, where she managed lead generation and ran analytics for email and online marketing campaigns. As an assistant for Boston-based fashion designer Nirva Derbekyan, she gained inside knowledge of the needs of independent apparel designers. She also has experience in the recruiting of creative professionals, having interned at boutique fashion and design recruiting firm Janou Pakter. Kristen brings enthusiasm for the interaction between fashion and technology, as well as a love of online shopping.

Kristen Pagán holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Germanic Languages & Literatures with a secondary field in Economics from Harvard University. She will complete her Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Fashion Management from LIM College in August of 2012.

We are excited to have Kristen on the team. She brings a wealth of knowledge along with her. So here’s to a great future not only for her career, but for SeamBLiSS as well. She will help even out my “terribleness.”

Shawn Oates
Proud Co-Founder of SeamBLiSS


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