Excuse me, Mr. Lawyer-man, but I only know English..

While attempting to become a “real deal” startup (Yes, that is proper government grammar), we have had some interesting literature thrown in our faces. This is the type of literature, you will not find at a children’s book store. Nor would you find this literature grazing the shelves of your local grocer. Actually, I am wholeheartedly convince much of this literature comes from outer space, and although we have many talents, we do not speak alien. In fact, we speak English and maybe some German. As we prepare to take on investment and register as a C-corp. We carouse through document after document, wondering what it all means. I’m sure it means a great deal to those who know this alien language, but to us it is simply gibberish. In our opinion, the process of reviewing these documents means three things: This is getting really SCARY and really SERIOUS. And we need a LAWYER as soon as possible. So were we introduced to a great one.  In fact, we are working with an award-winning law firm with experience working with early stage startups.

It’s times like these were we are thankful for our great lawyer. He answers our dumb question-filled emails with a smile (if an email had a facial expression). He took the pressure off of us presented to us by our investors, and all we had to do was read (or browse) and sign on the dotted line. Actually, you should probably read every document intently to insure everything is correct. Although minor, I have found a few mistakes in some of the documents. After questioning, they were immediately corrected. Sites like Legalzoom.com are great, but as you start to attract outside interest, it’s better to have someone fighting in the battle for you. There are so many things fighting against you as you just try to focus on the war strategy.

Moral of the story: Get a great lawyer. It may cost you a little, but it’s definitely worth it. You will be protecting you and your business in the early stages. As you build and grow you will have a solid foundation to rely on. Plus, simply put, it will go a long way in expediting the process in tasks you really don’t care much about. You just focus on disrupting whatever industry you are disrupting. Okay? Okay.



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