Looking for Resources or Inspiration? Here are SeamBLiSS’s Top Ten Sites for the Emerging Fashion Designer!

Sometimes, we could all use a little help. For an emerging fashion designer, help might come in the form of inspiration, mentorship, or even a class or conference. Since we at SeamBLiSS are committed to helping up-and-coming designers meet their needs, we’ve created this handy-dandy list of websites that offer resources for this very talented group.

Plus, who doesn’t love a Top Ten list? NOBODY, that’s who!

1. FashInvest

Top-of-the-line site that combines business and fashion. Includes industry news and info about useful services and upcoming               events.

2. StartUP Fashion

Great articles and blog posts on everything from marketing to textiles. Features “how-to’s”, as well as recommended reading lists and a fantastic database of boutiques.

3. Business of Fashion

The go-to site for fashion industry news and thought-provoking commentary. We read this one every day!

4. Indie Design Association

Offers free resources, articles, and training info. Also sponsors events and webinars on topics such as costing and pitching to retailers.

5. FashionCollab

Co-produced by Atelier 36 and StartUP FASHION, this organization offers seminars, events and tools for the emerging independent designer.

6. The Fashion Potential

Wonderfully informative site for anyone looking to break into the fashion industry! Features reports, workshops, and advice for all stages of the fashion start-up.

7. Fashion-Incubator

Extremely informative site that gets into the nitty-gritty of producing and manufacturing your line. A must-visit for fashion design professionals.

8. NYC Fashion Info

Fantastic resource for all designers based in the NYC area. Find info about showrooms, production, wholesale, and events.

9. The Emerging Designer

Great blog featuring posts on topics all up-and-coming designers should know about, including PR, trade shows, and marketing.

10. BurdaStyle

Amazing community for any and all people who love sewing or would like to learn. Offers an extensive pattern store and a lively discussion forum.

Did I miss any? What’s your go-to site for fashion industry news/resources? Let us know in the comments!

Kristen P.


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