Screw Money, Give Us Some Time!!

Time and money seem to be two things that an entrepreneur can never get enough of. While my personal favorite of the two is money, I’m coming to realize that time can be just as valuable when there’s a TON to do but only a few people to do it! Sometimes, I wish I could be like Patrick from Spongebob, with nothing to do! In between creating pitch desks, working through financial projections, developing our website, deciding on a business model….dude, Shawn and I are so busy, we don’t even know how to finish this sentence.

During our training session at the accelerator today, we were charged with an interesting activity: to track the tasks we are spending our time on by hour, each day for one week.  We were also encouraged to track those times that we felt most productive and to note the times that we ate (something entrepreneurs don’t do as often as they should because it takes up both time and money). Seeing as my current schedule looks like THIS:

I definitely have some prioritization to do! Less TV watching and procrastination, and more strategic planning!

To all of the entrepreneurs out there: Shawn and I are sorta new at this and would love some advice! How do you fit it all in? How do you find your most productive times? Let us know in the comments.

Kristen P.


One response to “Screw Money, Give Us Some Time!!”

  1. Anisah says :

    I think everyone needs more hours in the day, if anything just for sleep! Interesting idea to create a document that outlines what you do every hour of every day- I would do it, but I’m scared of actually documenting the amount of time I spend procrastinating/surfing the interwebz. One thing we both have in common is the L&O: SVU Marathon!
    As long as you don’t feel stressed ALL the time (just you know, half the time), I think that your schedule works great- prioritize based on where you are week to week!

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