Ten Reasons Why Women Hate Shopping

According to a recent study discussed in this article from Refinery29, about one-third of women don’t like to shop. Ummm….say what??! A third seems like a heck of a lot, especially since women are usually thought of as huge shopping fans. Here are ten reasons why women don’t enjoy shopping

1.      The clothes they try on don’t fit

Clothes in stores are too big, too small, too loose in the waist, etc. Petite, plus-size, and tall women experience this problem more than others, and often have to buy clothes in their size online rather than in-store.

2.      Long waits in line

This is the reason why I never shop at the H&M on Fifth and 42nd. Waiting in line (as every NYer knows) is a huge pain in the ass, and can become an even bigger one if you’re waiting in line with kids, for example.

3.      Annoying/over-eager sales peeps

A good sales clerk is hard to find. The typical sales person in a retail store tends to be either completely uninterested or too interested, as in “pushy and aggravating”. This is a major reason why many women hate shopping – they don’t want to deal with an annoying sales person.

4.      Too time-consuming

Women today are busier than ever, and shopping can be a real time-sucker, especially if you’re hard to fit. With so much on the agenda, many women would rather just skip shopping altogether.

5.      Stores are overwhelming or disorganized

Some stores offer so many styles that it can boggle the mind of the shopper. Add disorganization to the mix, and you end up with a totally overwhelmed customer who can’t find what she’s looking for.

6.      Guilt at over-spending

Have you ever felt guilty about spending money on clothes, even if you did really need the item? This is definitely a common experience, and one that can make shopping very daunting, especially if you’re on a budget.

7.      Stressful shopping environments

Let’s face it, some stores are just freakin’ loud and annoying (Abercrombie, I’m lookin at you…).  Crowds of shoppers can add to the aggravation, particularly around holiday time.

8.      Body image issues

Many women hate shopping because everything they try on makes them feel bad about their bodies. This is a real shame, as it’s not the fault of the woman – it’s the unrealistic and non-standardized sizing systems employed by most retailers that are to blame.

9.      No idea what will look best on them

A lot of women out there simply don’t know which styles, colors, or silhouettes will look best on them. Therefore, they get overwhelmed when they see the many style options out there!

10.  Plain ol’ boredom

Plenty of women don’t shop because they just think it’s boring. It’s simply not an activity that excites or interests them.

So, I’m one of those women who LOVE shopping and would do it every day if I could. However, I can definitely understand some of the reasons to dislike shopping (particularly guilt about spending money, trying on clothes that don’t fit, and waiting in line).

Do you love shopping or hate it? Why? Let us know in the comments!

Kristen P.


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