Day of Reckoning: Demo Day!

As many of you know, we at SeamBLiSS recently completed the TechLaunch business accelerator program based out of Clifton, NJ. The twelve week program was very intense, and it was all leading up to our “final presentation”, aka Demo Day. The phrase “final presentation” makes it seem like a school project, but Demo Day is mad real – it’s a chance to pitch your company to potential investors who might be so inspired by your presentation that they write a real-life check 🙂

TechLaunch’s Demo Day was originally scheduled for November 1, but was pushed back to November 14th due to Hurricane Sandy. Despite the date change and the recent storm aftermath, turnout at the event was fantastic. The SeamBLiSS founders got the chance to speak to many wonderful mentors, investors, fellow entrepreneurs and even members of the press at their “networking table” pictured below:

Notice the SeamBLiSS measuring tapes. How cute are they??

We are also very pleased to say that our pitch went very well! Shawn did a fantastic job, and the audience really responded to his personal custom design story. He was even wearing the custom-fit sweater he discussed in his presentation! Check him out prepping for his pitch and lookin’ dapper:

All in all, Demo Day was a great success! SeamBLiSS wants to say thank you to TechLaunch for a great program and event, and thanks again to everyone who attended. Also, congrats to all of our fellow TechLaunch companies – we did it!

To read more about the event, check out the articles below:

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Kristen P.


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