Dress A Celeb Interview: Ana Berry

This month marks SeamBLiSS’s first monthly Dress A Celeb competition! The designer who creates the garment most suited to our celeb’s style and needs will be the grand prize winner! So designers….get ready to rock!!!

Our very first celebrity is media personality, host, and spokeswoman Ana Berry. Ana is a world traveler, having lived in such diverse places as Tulsa, OK (her hometown), Chicago, London, Paris, and New York City. She has also worked abroad as a spokeswoman, actress and journalist, traveling throughout the Middle East, Europe, and India. Ana is a cultural concierge, and encourages fans to experience the world around them through her site, GetOutThere.me.

Not only is Ana a world traveler, she is a world-class talent as well. She speaks several languages, excels in several forms of dance, writes for several publications, and is a certified yoga teacher.

Want to see Ana in action? Check out this video showcasing her talents!  

Also, be sure to check out her website, anaberryinternational.com!

Ana is a stylish and successful woman, and was kind enough to give us some insights into her personal style! Check out our interview with Ana below…

1.  How would you describe your personal style?

Gypsy Chic. I am a world traveler and love exotic colors, fabrics, textures but also love very classy elegant pieces.

2. What brands or designers are your favorites?

Ralph Lauren. Diane Von Furstenburg. Louis Vuitton. BCBG. Theory. Tahari

3. What’s the biggest “fashion challenge” you face?

Finding a suit that fits well. Pants long enough. A dress that acentuates my curves but also makes me look trim and elegant while being comfortable. That is why i love the DVF wrap dress…

4. You travel a lot for your job. What clothing items are your “must-packs” for a long trip?

Comfortable shoes! Love Cole Haan with a small heel. Tight Jeans! I love J Brand/7 Jeans so I have to have those with me so I can dress them up with a sexy top- I love fun colorful blazers or a a button down for a biz meeting.  I love a DVF wrap dress. I like to be fancy but also practical, so I like a dress I can wear to ameeting and also to dinner. Tahari and DVF and BCBG make good ones.  Also a good jacket that is warm and also great looking and flexible for all occasions- my favorite is my Burberry or Massimo Dutti.

5. Fashion and everyday dress vary so much from culture to culture. Do you try to reflect the culture of the country you are visiting when working abroad?

Yes! When I travel in India, I wear colorful flowy clothes- even saris and kultas. When I travel in the Middle East, I cover my body to be respectful and even wear Jillabas and head scarves. When I travel to exotic places like Spain and Mexico I wear more sexy fun clothes that I can dance in. In Europe I am chic- I love European style. Its comfortable, practical yet elegant. In NYC, it is whatever I feel and whatever the situation brings- cold or hot weather- out on the town all day and into the night…I dress for the occasion and have freedom to express myself.

6. What is your “dream” piece of clothing?

A great tailored suit along with What clothing items would say are classics that every woman should have?a fitted shirt! A Hermes belt or scarf.

7. What clothing items would you say are classics that every woman should have?

A great pair of jeans that fit and are comfortable. A fitted blazer and light jacket. A scarf that is elegant. A comfortable and versatile shoe. A bag that fits everything but also adds to the glamour of the outfit. That is all 😉

8. Do you have a personal style mantra or tip?

Ask yourself: How do I feel today and what do I want to get OUT of my day?  From there, you dress yourself. Color matters, materials matter, comfort and sexiness matter – each item you put on will effect your day so dress to how you feel and want to feel. OLE!

We at SeamBLiSS want to thank Ana for being our first Dress A Celeb celebrity! We couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic, fun, and fashionable person! Thanks again, Ana!!

Kristen P.


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12 responses to “Dress A Celeb Interview: Ana Berry”

  1. Ana Berry says :

    This is going to be so exciting! Ana Berry

  2. Sinath Jerome says :

    This is very exciting! Is there anyway that we designers can have Anna’s size or measurements? 🙂 Personally as a designer I am very interested in making an awesome outfit based on her personal style that I read:) This would be a wonderful challenge to create an amazing outfit from scratch just for her:)

    • SeamBliss says :

      Great question. Ana’s measurements will be sent to the winning designer for the garment to be created. We want keep this simply focused on the design of the garment. So this one of kind piece can be created, indifferent to sizing.

      We look forward to seeing your designs. If you have any other questions, please contact us contact@seambliss.com

  3. Sinath Jerome says :

    Please accept my apology for the misspelled of you name, Ana:(

  4. Sinath Jerome says :

    I sure hope that people click on the designer’s link below the Title to see more close up pics to really see what the dresses
    really look like:).

  5. Sinath Jerome says :

    Can the designer vote for their own design? Just curious….

  6. Sinath Jerome says :

    Yeay! Thanks I’ll do it right now:) Have a wonderful and safe day!

  7. Sonia Edwards says :

    Hello, is there a dead line to work to?

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