What the Heck is my Body Type??

measuring tapeA lot of fashion magazines and blog posts give style recommendations based on body type/shape. They say this type of neckline is good for apple shapes, this type of skirt is best for pear shapes, and so on and so forth. And guess what? These bloggers and stylists are right! Certain styles of clothing are definitely more flattering on certain figures.

However, if you don’t KNOW your body type, all of this styling advice is kind of moot. So, how do you figure out your shape so that you can be super stylin?

What are my Body Type “Options”?

There are five basic body types: Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle and Wedge (aka Inverted Triangle).

If you don’t feel like taking your measurements, try this: Stand against a white wall in front of a full length mirror. Wear either skintight black clothing or none at all! Consider the general “shape” of your body in the mirror. Notice which areas seem wider or narrower than others, specifically the bust, waist, and hips

Apple shape = wider upper body, including bust, shoulders, and waist. Hips are narrower. Celeb example: Jennifer Hudson

Pear shape= wider lower body, including hips and thighs. Shoulders are waist are narrow. Celeb example:Beyonce

Hourglass shape = hips and bust are the same width. Waist is well defined. Celeb example: Scarlett Johansson

Rectangle shape = Shoulders, bust, waist and hips are about the same width. Waist is less defined. Celeb example = Natalie Portman

Inverted Triangle shape = upper body is wider, including shoulders and bust. Waist is more defined, but hips and legs are slim. Celeb example = Angelina Jolie

If you DO feel like measuring yourself, you’ll want to measure your bust, waist and hips. It helps to have a friend help you out. If you’re not sure how to perform these measurements, check out the videos below (featuring yours truly and her girl Alana!):

Bust Measurement

Waist Measurement

Hips Measurement

Compare the measurements you got with the descriptions above. And keep this in mind: you might not fit “exactly” into one of these body type categories, and that’s fine. I myself am sort of in between a “pear” and an “hourglass”! Simply keep these variations in mind when styling yourself.

Also, keep your own preferences in mind! For example, some stylists or bloggers would say that if you’re pear shaped, you should wear clothing that will “minimize” the appearance of your rear. But if you love showing off your booty, go ahead and accentuate it!

Hope this helped! You can also check out this helpful WikiHow article for more info on how to measure yourself.

Kristen P.


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One response to “What the Heck is my Body Type??”

  1. Dyan says :

    A great post. I always recommend that a friend help with the measurements. Especially the under bust and upper hip area. It’s easy for the measuring tape to slide without realizing it. Having a friend help is much more fun since you can both help each other get accurate measurements.

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