Your personal fashion designer awaits!

SeamBLiSS is a social-ecommerce site where shoppers can submit custom clothing projects and receive bids from designers, keep in contact as it is made, and remain in budget. SeamBLiSS also serves as marketplace, allowing designers to sell and showcase their hand-crafted clothing. Our site is strictly apparel-focused, so there’s no chance of fashion items getting “lost in the shuffle” of the wide and extremely varied “hand-made” or “craft” marketplace.

Check out our site at www.seambliss.com!

Meet the Bloggers!



Shawn Oates, CEO and Co-Founder

Shawn has over 2 years of online entrepreneurial experience. A former fashion model, Shawn noticed the need of small market clothing designers to have a place to build a career and a lifestyle doing what they love.  He holds a B.A. in Electrical Engineering from Arkansas State University.


Kristen Pagán, CMO and Co-Founder

Prior to joining SeamBLiSS, Kristen worked as a Marketing Analyst for fashion trend forecasting firm StyleSight. As a former assistant to an independent fashion designer, she also understands how hard it can be for these talented, creative individuals to showcase their great work! Kristen holds a B.A. from Harvard University and an MBA from LIM College.

Adventures in Entrepreneurship!

As co-founders of a startup, we look forward to sharing their experiences with other current and potential entrepreneurs. We are currently involved in a business accelerator based in New Jersey, and have big ambitions for SeamBLiSS!

Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you check back often!




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